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      Installation and maintenance of the set electrical appliance and sliding contact line.

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      First of all, we have to consider how much electric current we need to buy the slide line, what kind of working environment the sliding line is and how the material of the slide line is. The MHX type sliding contact line is suitable for indoor use. Under normal circumstances, the current below 150A can be divided into three phases and four parts. If there is no connection between copper wires, it can be used for a long time, and it is not easy to damage.

      We should check the cable pulley before making use of it, so as to ensure that it will not cause safety problems due to damage, defects, failures and loosening. We should also pay attention to fill up the oil after the cable pulley is used.

      The maintenance and maintenance of H type safety sliding contact line are:

      The collector should avoid collision, trampling and so on. In the same phase, if double collector is used, it is not possible to have the interphase short circuit. Sliding contact line for the size of the area is directly linked with the machine factory work, if the sliding contact line area is too large, it will affect the normal operation of the machine, so the sliding contact line area is as small as possible, this is the future of the sliding contact line is the most important direction of improvement. If the equipment is to be overhauled, the electric appliance should be cut off to ensure safety.

      Hanger, fixer, end cover

      Hanger: mainly used for hoisting slideway of sliding touch line, and the material is engineering plastic. In the comprehensive price, we should pay attention to the installation height of the slide line, usually below 10.

      The need to pay attention to the purchase of slippery line is still quite a lot, the following small editor to tell you what to pay attention to.

      When the cable or the cable groove cover is opened, we should do a good job of prevention, and do a good warning sign on the periphery of the well. Carefully read the related path and layout before the homework.

      Sheath: the material is engineering plastic with wear resistance, aging resistance and flame retardancy, and good insulation protection guide. As for the slippery touch line and his stents paint, we must first paint it over to consider. If you want to increase the number of times, then he will also receive money.

      Xiao Bian today is how to correctly detect the sliding contact line, the first sliding contact line with soft cable for each phase grounding insulation resistance value must be more than 0.5 ohms, wiring of the trolley line without any need to smooth rough, is firmly installed on the insulator surface, sliding contact the line is not any rust stains, and wire connecting it to galvanized or tin can.

      If the cable pulley his workload is relatively large, the operating environment is more complex that we must be clear what time to check on the CMO electrical cable pulley, sliding contact line inspection cycle is repeated, generally if we regularly to check on him that year not less than one time, if it is regular the inspection period for him a month not less than once.

      End cover: generally at both ends of the guide, it plays an insulating and protective role. He is a safe slide wire with wear-resistant aluminum conductor to make carrier, of course, like plastic pipe and other materials, they are used to form the transmission conductor in the conduit well below the open slot, so that it is convenient for us to operate better. If the cable doesn't expose the problem on his surface, we'll have to check it out to see what it's going to be. There will be a chamfering in the connection of two safe sliding lines, and it is also necessary to make sure that the collector can be smooth to make a transition.

      (2) collector

      The supporting structure is used to supply power to the mobile equipment, which is mainly composed of special carbon brush, wiring column, plastic cover and support arm. So what should we do to improve the accuracy of the cable trolley? That's what we need to be clear about.

      For the future development trend of the sliding contact line is still very optimistic about the first sliding contact line with wire and cable in comparison, installation and maintenance are very convenient, but also can save energy than wire and cable, especially in recent years, demand for copper conductor sliding contact line showed a significant upward trend, the emergence of a large number of customers for sliding contact line inquiry expressed interest, directly to the enterprise is now increasingly focused on conducting and energy-saving of the sliding contact line.

      When we install the sliding line of Chi Mei, there will be a problem involved. That is his price. How do we calculate it? For this reason, we have collected some information about this, and hope to help you through today's introduction.

      (1) guideway, sheath

      Guide way: it is made of aluminum alloy profiles and embedded with "V" shaped stainless steel slot to ensure the wear resistance and stability of collector brush and good contact with rail.

      (2) the wear of collector carbon brush should be checked regularly. If the wear is serious, it should be replaced in time. When replacing, pay attention to disconnecting the power supply first, so as to prevent danger.

      (3) the spring in the collector should see whether there is fatigue, lack of elasticity, if there should be a replacement. Insulators cannot be damaged or cracked. The gaskets between the supports must be neat and clean. The distance between supports must be uniform. There must be no deviation. The paint needs to be evenly distributed.

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