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      Application requirements of rigid body sliding contact line collector.

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      The rigid body sliding contact line collector is the electrical equipment of the high temperature rigid sliding contact line. The product belongs to the expendable part, and the application should be paid attention to during its operation. This article briefly introduces this.

      1. The common forms of rigid body collector are single brush rigid body collector and double brush rigid body collector. The two kinds of electrical appliances have different electrical conductivity. The dual brush collector has better conductivity. The rigid body collector is mainly composed of carbon brush and bracket. The main components of carbon brush are copper and graphite. Some manufacturers use brass and some manufacturers use copper. Its material is different from the electrical conductivity, and the copper is relatively good.

      2, rigid body collector is mainly in line with rigid body sliding contact line. Rigid body sliding contact line must be kept horizontal and straight during installation. If subsequent force majeure factors cause bending, etc., its collector should transform its area according to its occasion.

      3, when the rigid body collector is installed on the mobile device, it must maintain a certain pressure when contacting with the rigid body slide line. At the same time, it must ensure that there is no excessive pressure, so that the carbon brush will wear too fast.

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