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      Welcome to Jiangsu Sciencestar Electrical equipment Co., Ltd!

      Address:18-8 Century Avenue, Liubao Town, Baoying County,Jiangsu Province,China

      Contact:0514-89086130 / 17312900488

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      Jiangsu Sciencestar Electrical Equipment limited company is a private science and technology enterprise integrated with R& D, production and sales.Under the guarantee of product idea renewal, continuous research and development of new products and perfect after-sale service, the primary goal of Sciencestarin R & D and sales has become “domestically make the Chineseslippery touch lines, gradually open the foreign market and make our company's products to be a powerful competitor in the world transmission and distribution industry”.

      In order to enhance the development demand to adapt to the international market, the company has been continuously increasing the technical reform input, adding complete sets of production equipment, and improvingthe production process level. Therefore, the products with more and more perfect quality are sold at home and abroad, which has gradually laid a good reputation forSciencestar in the industry.

      Sciencestar, which was built in the famous historic city - Yangzhou in 1992 as one of the earliest enterprises to produce Conductor Systems, is engaged in manufacturing high end Conductor Systems. Owing to the good quality of our products, the company has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification and the CCC authenticationwithproducts being widely used in metallurgy, shipping, automated assembly line and many other industries.

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